3rd Director

3rd Director

The Branch are looking for a 3rd Director.

Day-to-day Directors duties.

Firstly, you must be fit and able to carry out a whole days activities on your feet. The Worlds Championships carries a 12 hour day.

Majors: you will receive posted instructions for your day.

Morning meetings begin approx 1 hour before competition starting time. This  allows you to receive any pullouts or changes to the days running order.

Within the Arena: you will make sure all adjudicators are in place, announce bands as they enter (if there is a PA system), timing the Medley sets for Gr3, 2 &1. Ensuring the correct minimum  number of players are performing, collecting Adjudicators crit. sheets and collating for taking back to the compilers. A lunch is provided, sometimes difficult if the Arena timings are tight. At the end of your Arena’s day you must assist the stewards to dismantle the tents and then help the stewards to assemble the Centre Bands followed by the remaining bands onto Massed Bands/ results.

The only difference at Local level would be the setting out, erection of the judges tents and marking the white lines for the starting line and circles.

The meetings at Glasgow HQ (2019 dates are: 2nd Feb, 9th March AGM, 27th April, 5th Oct, 7th Dec) involve the Directors taking Branch views to the board for discussion, and taking the boards discussions back to the branch (approx 4 -5 meetings incl. Branch AGM).

You need to leave allegiance to your own band at home as you would be serving nearly 50 bands from the branch – and it’s not easy.

Occasionally you will receive an email from Glasgow asking you to deal with disputes etc which will occur at Branch bands and report back to HQ to help them decide how to deal with a complaint. Two sides to every argument usually and a diplomatic head is required!

But the camaraderie is still there amongst like minded Association  and Branch members. Remember, they need you to defend and support them in times of need, provided they are correct.

Interested candidates can contact the branch via the website or Facebook page.









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