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MAP - Musical Appreciation & Presentation

The new MAP contest will effect Grade 4 and Novice / Juvenile bands at all Major RSPBA contests from 2006. The MAP contest aims to address concerns on basic standards, musical balance and suitability of material, giving all Grade 4 and N/J bands a common platform to build upwards from. The new contest format will also help to raise the profile of Grade 4 and N/J at Major Championships.
MAP contests will consist of two events:

Event 1 - Musical Appreciation & Presentation

  • Up to 15 Bands in Heats
  • Top 4 from each Heat go forward to The Final
  • Present 2 of the 12 Pre-arranged 2/4 Marches
  • 2 Adjudicators - 1 Piping & 1 Drumming

Event 2 - The Final

  • Up to 12 Bands in The Final
  • Present Quick March Medley of "own choice"
  • QMM must last 2min 45sec - 4min 30sec
  • May include any of the pre-arranged 2/4 Marches
  • 4 Adjudicators - 2 Piping, 1 Drumming & 1 Ensemble

RSPBA Pre-arranged 2/4 Marches (correct for 2008 season)

72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen
Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering
Auchmountain’s Bonnie Glen
Australian Ladies
Brown Haired Maiden
Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle
Corriecholies 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting
Drunken Piper
Earl of Mansfield
Greenwood Side
I’ll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toon
Jenny’s Bawbee
McKay’s Farewell to the 74th
McKenzie Highlanders
Men of Argyll
Mhari Bhan
P/M William Ross’s Farewell to the Scots Guards
Rantin Rovin Robin
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel
The 25th KOSB’s Farewell to Meerut
The Pipers Cave

Copies of the pre-arranged MAP tunes have been sent to all member bands, but extra copies of the MAP booklet can be bought on the RSPBA website, including a DVD that demonstrates the process of Musical Appreciation & Presentation.

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Last Updated: 9/1/11