Preparing for the Performance


On the 29th and 30th October in the Gordon schools, Huntly, our Music Board planned an educational event considering the needs of our lower grade competing and non-competing bands to enhance their overall standard of play. “Preparing for the performance” presented by RSPBA tutors John Nevans, James Campbell and Allan Craig did just that. Attendees received assistance with teaching techniques, musical appreciation, instrument maintenance and given a better understanding of how all sections knitted together leading to a “polished” group performance. Although the uptake was small, our Drum Majors received some very worthwhile coaching from Alicia Dickson Hamilton from N.I.  These sessions were open to all bands the event aimed at those leading and teaching bands. There were no inhibitions within the group and reassured all present that there should be no fear or apprehension in attending such events. Sessions are always shaped to ones needs and nobody is expected to leave their comfort zone as the tutors are well used to catering for all levels of ability. Everybody left the Huntly event feeling they had gained from the experience. Pleasingly, this was funded at no cost to the attendees out of our Education Budget.


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